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Corporate, live shows & events​

AVP LED TECH is specializing in the rental, sales for Corporate, live shows & events

video, light & led walls solutions

High resolution LED video Wall Multiprocessor, servers & video production

Audio Production
& Live Sound

Where Sound makes a world of different. We offer full professional sound service.

Stage solutions

We carry a wide range of Truss-Corner Blocks-Pole, Rosco and ModTruss™ base structures



We are a ModTruss™ Delear in Florida
ModTruss™ components are modern, modular pieces designed to build almost anything, anywhere, and to hold any weight. With a huge line of accessories including wheels, hinges, plates, mounts, ModStairs™, ModRails™, and a whole lot more, the only limitation is really your imagination. If it needs to be built and built safely, chances are it can be built with ModTruss™.


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